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What our graduates say about the Henley MBA

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“The Henley MBA was an enlightening experience which sharpened my leadership skills throughout all the modules.”

Christopher GauciChristopher Gauci MBA 2021, Chief Operations Officer at Maypole Group

The Henley MBA was an enlightening experience which sharpened my leadership skills throughout all the modules. The Strategic thinking and International Business modules, in particular, emphasised the importance of corporate strategy whilst validating the knowledge I have gained from experiences in multicultural regions, such as Europe and the Middle East.
The MBS team was immensely instrumental in all aspects of the MBA programme. This MBS support, and the collaborations with my study buddies, created a wonderful learning experience which I will cherish for life.

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Mark Cassar MBA 2021, Commercial Manager at Francis Busuttil & Sons (Marketing) Ltd
“I would undoubtedly choose Henley again”
Doing an MBA was an exciting challenge which I decided to embark upon to enhance my career. I opted to do it with Henley Business School as it is one of the best ranked schools offering an MBA.
Looking back on the Henley learning journey, I realised how much I have grown educationally and professionally by following this MBA. Read more >>

Reuben Debono MBA 2021, Director at Maypole Group
“The Henley MBA explores a wide range of topics which are extremely useful for a professional occupying an executive role.”
My Henley MBA journey was an amazing and rewarding experience to say the least. What attracted me to this MBA was primarily the topics covered, but also the flexibility it provided. The latter was crucial considering my busy schedule. My enrolment coincided with a new senior position I took on with Maypole Group. Read more >>

Matthew Agius MBA 2021, Managing Director at Aquarius Rent A Car Ltd
“I highly recommend the Henley MBA to other employers and their top people.”
The knowledge that I have gathered, and the personal accomplishments that I have achieved, because of the Henley MBA will remain with me for life. The Henley MBA programme is based on theory, but highly practical and hands-on. To mention just a few examples, the Managing People module came in handy when staff issues were encountered. After the assignment, I implemented the recommendations that came out from the research that I carried out for my assignment. Read more >>

Allen Galea, Henley MBA 2021, Head of Customer Relations & Logistics at Lewis Press Ltd
“After successfully completing the course, I now look back at how much the course has assisted me in my current job.”
When I finally made the decision to start my Henley MBA journey, I felt excitement but also a bit of apprehension. I had a number of years of managerial experience but I was not a graduate. With Henley’s unique Personal Development modules, I quickly learned that this “Imposter Syndrome” was very common, which was reassuring. Read more >>

Mei Calleja, Henley MBA 2021, Product Owner
“I sought to gain a more holistic view and to approach problems with a business-minded approach.”
After completing a BSc in Computer Information Systems and then gaining 12 years of experience in ICT as a software engineer, it was time for me to get out of my comfort zone and attend to my needs for professional growth. Read more >>

Andrei Camenzuli, Henley MBA 2021, General Manager at St James Eye Clinic
“I would suggest this experience to everyone seeking an opportunity to learn and grow in their respective managerial careers.”
Ending my Henley MBA journey feels like a roller coaster of emotions. I cannot believe that I managed to achieve this highly prestigious goal in my life! Having graduated for the first time in 2006 in health science, and currently working as a general manager at the leading eye clinic in Malta, the Henley Executive MBA was crucial to give me structure and to be a better leader.  Read more >>

Sandra BorgSandra Borg, Henley MBA 2021, Insurance Risk and Compliance Consultant
“My Henley MBA Journey”
Ever since my childhood, I have loved to learn and reach goals. This taught me that my perseverance to achieve was an attribute that would help me overcome the battles that life threw at me. I never opted for the norm as I preferred to be ahead of the rest in my endeavours. I met my husband as a young teenager and, together, we worked in his little shoe business. The business grew whilst I finished my studies and settled in a job within the insurance sector at only 17 years of age. Read more >>

Justin John CamilleriJustin John Camilleri, Henley MBA 2018, Business Development Manager at Lewis Press Ltd.
“I would highly recommend the Henley MBA to those seeking to advance in their career”
In light of my career drive, I deemed the pursuit of an Executive MBA as my obvious next goal. I sought Henley Business School due to its renowned flexibility, reputation and accreditations.
I was geared for an agonizing learning journey in pursuit of an MBA, however I was wonderfully surprised by the level of dedication and cooperation from faculty members and fellow programme members. Furthermore, attending workshops helped me to understand better the course content, to develop myself as a well-rounded person, and also to realise my ambitions and move up the career ladder. Read more >>

Rosanne Calleja-2016Rosanne Calleja, Henley MBA 2016, Senior Manager of Import/Export Operations at Express Group.
“The Henley MBA exceeded my expectations.”
Back when I was still in my teens, I decided to take a job and stop my formal education. Through hard work and sheer determination, I was able to make it to a managerial position. The more time passed, the more I gained experience and rose in my designation, but the more I felt a void in my overall fulfilment, and this was the lack of qualifications. I had the work experience but did not have the theory to back it up. Read more >>

Joann MifsudJoann Mifsud, Henley MBA 2010, Head of Operations at Finductive Ltd
The most important feature of the Henley MBA is the thorough applied analysis of both the external and internal business environment, which can be easily applied to any industry.


Mark MuscatMark Camilleri, Henley MBA 2012, General Manager at Inspectra Ltd
I feel that the MBA has totally changed my perspective of business.


Jean Claude MuscatJean Claude Muscat, Henley MBA 2013, Director International Operations, Saint James Hospital Group
I am happy to recommend the Henley MBA programme, especially to those aspiring to take on roles which will require them to deal with different levels of employees and with local and foreign third party organisations. The Henley MBA programme is based on actual business realities, while workshops and exchanges are conducted using realistic and factual scenarios making the programme worthwhile for anyone aiming to acquire improved knowledge of the business realities facing organisations today.
Francis Zammit DimechFrancis Zammit Dimech, Henley MBA 2013, Partner at Francis Zammit Dimech and Associates
Henley provides hands on deck training in different areas of management in a unique interactive manner that encourages students to apply the new knowledge and skills that they gain directly to their own work areas. The teaching material is constantly updated, highly interesting, and provides for enriching insights into key management areas.
Elaine Cutajar DebonoElaine Cutajar Debono, Henley MBA 2015, Operations Manager at Oxford House Ltd
The Henley MBA has helped widen my horizons, whereby I feel I can contribute much more towards the success of the organization I work in.