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What our Diploma in Management alumnus has to say

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“After reading for my Diploma in Management with Malta Business School
I had the confidence to continue with my studies”

Alison Muscat, Malta Business School Diploma alumnus and Henley MBA student, shares with us some thoughts about her learning journey to date.

“I work in a finance department and my role involves taking decisions which require both sound industry and market knowledge, as well as on-the-job experience. I recognised that an MBA would help me make better decisions within shorter timeframes.

After reading for my Diploma in Management with Malta Business School, I considered the Henley MBA, also offered by the School. Following research about possible MBAs on offer, the one by Henley stood out as one of the best available in Malta when it came to helping me enhance my knowledge and to advance in my career.

I thoroughly recommend Henley Business School at the University of Reading to anyone wishing to pursue a Masters in Business Administration. This is due to the individual attention given to each student, the tutors’ expertise, and the workshop structure that allows for enough time to keep up with both work and studies. The course is well-structured, effectively guiding students towards obtaining their MBA. It is also designed to introduce every student to a network of people in different sectors, with different backgrounds, helping me see an organisation from different points of view. This is beneficial to enhancing my skills, my expertise and to broadening my way of thinking.

I am currently undergoing stage one of my studies and I am finding it very interesting and immediately helpful in my line of work. The dedication and organisation of Malta Business School are motivators that are helping me work on my studies during this intense and challenging period of my life. Being a Henley MBA student has already broadened my perspectives on business administration and will give me an edge in my future career choices.”

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