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Our Values

We pride ourselves in delivering high quality, applicable training. Our aim is to always give our students and clients the training they need for their personal or organizational needs.

The Business School’s value construct revolves around the following concepts:


We aim to provide all participants with high-level, up to date knowledge and information with which they can impress.


We insist that knowledge should not remain in the realms of theory only. The participants will benefit from concrete ways of applying their knowledge to practical situations.


We insist on attendee participation, wherever possible, with discussions, case studies and role-playing sessions to involve all attendees.


We strive to understand our customers’ requirements by meeting with them and discussing their needs. We then tailor our courses to these needs.


Whether in the level of delivery, the course notes or the overall services, we make sure that participants enjoy the quality of service they deserve. We place a high value on the feedback received by our participants.


A certificate from Malta Business School, whether of attendance or by following our assessed courses, will be a document you can be proud of.


We are constantly looking for ways of improving, whether it is the content, the processes, methodologies or our style of delivery. Our portfolio of courses is at the forefront of the education scene.


By being part of our network, you will enjoy access to and opportunities for building strong business and social bonds with like-minded professionals in Malta and around the world.