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Allied Consultants

Allied Consultants provides customised support to management and consultancy, such as:

Product research & development, including the testing of alternative products among target buyers in-house or at respondents’ homes;

Project management, inclusive of project scope management, project monitoring (quality, time, cost and resources); resource allocation and performance management; supplier relationship and performance management (procurement and quality); project cost control (cost planning, cost estimation, cost budgeting, earned value); project risk management, project communications management;

Business planning, inclusive of the development and evaluation of strategic options facing an organisation, the compiling of environmental scenarios and the planning of tactical approaches for organisations in terms of human resource allocations, marketing, operations, ICT and financial performance and allocations under each scenario;

Industry forecasting, inclusive of the development of market size forecasts under different scenarios of environmental influences;

International business risk evaluation, involving the building of a country/region’s profile considered as a potential location/target for investment by our customers. Our approaches involve the collation of environmental features (political, economic, industry, socio-demographic, employment, educational, commercial climate) and the evaluation of risk on a prospective project/strategy in terms of political, economic or other influences that impinge on the outcome of a project, and

Human resources development, inclusive of services that include the evaluation of employee motivation factors and levels of influence, job descriptions’ evaluation, training needs analysis and the subsequent management/provision of custom built training programmes.

 Market Research 

Allied Consultants offers customised research and assists in the evaluation of strategy options that arise in building a truly customer-oriented operation – whether in a social or a commercial context. Services comprise:

Consumer research, exemplified by product & service concept testing, new product development, test market simulation, usage and attitudes research (products and services), advertising tracking, price challenging, brand loyalty, and package challenging, among others;

Consumer behaviour observation enabling customers to monitor purchasing decisions and attitudes among consumers towards products/services in response to competitor and/or retailer strategies. Such research enables marketers to augment their understanding about offerings whilst effectively targeting users by relating to their emerging needs and uses;

Retail auditing, enabling customers to evaluate the developments in retail channels pertaining to channel category sizing, retail throughput and shares by product category and brands. Our approaches involve ad hoc one-off snapshot evaluations or continued tracking, enabling time series comparisons pertaining to category/brand share trends;

Industry intelligence & corporate due diligence built through the collation of corporate data from public and private sources, enabling our customers to make effective decisions pertaining to competitors, distributors, suppliers, potential alliance partners or merger/acquisition targets. Such information may relate to market shares, corporate reputation measurement, financial information, fiscal performance, supplier & customer relationships;

Industry analysis & best practice benchmarking, through the collation of information about products from public and private sources, enabling our customer to make effective strategy decisions about operations and processes. Our approaches relate to industry volumes and performance, competitive forces and expected industry developments. Key player features – financial performance, corporate reputation, markets and brands, best practice characteristics.

Allied Consultants provide clients with added-value solutions on top of the usual data collation and analysis by interpreting statistical or qualitative information and drawing up recommendations pertained appropriate to the client in augmenting the levels of business. All field research and ensuing analysis/reporting is conducted in accordance with the requirements set out in Code of Marketing & Social Research Practice of ESOMAR of which Allied Consultants is a Member. Allied Consultants is also partner with GfK Research, which is one of the world’s largest research companies, having around 13,000 experts working in over 100 markets.

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