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Malta Business School

Malta Business School is the education division of Allied Consultants Ltd, and is licensed as a Higher Education Institution by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education (NCFHE) Malta.

The School is licensed as a higher education institution under Maltese law and can therefore deliver a vast range of accredited programmes that include Doctoral, Masters and Bachelor degrees, Diplomas and Certificates. The school is the proud representative of various providers of high-level, sought-after accredited programmes such as Henley Business School. Programmes vary from the prestigious Henley Flexible Executive MBA to the ATHE Diploma programmes in management which can lead to accredited Bachelor degrees.

The School also carries out both in-house training for companies and mixed industry training. Typically such training services are customised to the client/s requirements so as to ensure maximum benefit. Furthermore delivery and interventions are not just classroom based, but are also coupled with mentoring and coaching prior and following the training as the need may be.

Malta Business School prides itself in delivering high quality, applicable knowledge. All trainers have excellent experience within their fields of expertise, as well as an academic background. Trainers encourage interaction by means of activities, teamwork and discussions related to the subject matter from a practical point of view. The training premises are bright and spacious and equipped with advanced facilities to offer a high quality training environment. A library, study room and lounge area are also available for all participants to be used at their own convenience.

The high value on quality and commitment makes Malta Business School a unique institution. The world class masters, diplomas, degrees programmes and specialised training, make the school a learning hub for all those who would like to improve their creative thoughts, build business skills and stretch their natural abilities to achieve success in their career.