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9 Things Interviewers Never Tell Job Candidates, But Should

In the best job interviews the candidate says a lot and the interviewer very little – after all, the interview is about the candidate, not the interviewer. But there are some things interviewers would love to tell job candidates well before the interview starts. Read More »

Sell me this pen

It may happen today or tomorrow, or it may come up further down the road, but it pays to be ready for it. It’s also a question that can teach you something new about sales or remind you of some core sales principles that are sometimes neglected. Read More »

How to Challenge Your Team & Take It to the Next Level

Recently, I coached a team in a group session. The team members rated the team a 6.1 in terms of working together. I asked each team member to reflect on a challenge that he/she is currently having and share it with me and the group. There were about 10 people and 6 focused on changing what they could not change. ... Read More »

Create a video for your business

Elizabeth Heusler, Director of Heusler Public Relations and Media Training, dwells upon the aspects of PR video production. From script to film and from editing to uploading to digital channels, Heusler discusses marketing brands through videos. Read More »

25 rich and famous people who were once homeless

It looks like some people have it all in life: power, fame, influence, and money while most of us, everyday people, often look up to them and dream about becoming just like them. What would you say though if we told you that some of the most famous celebrities and successful people out there struggled way more than your average ... Read More »

Which people top companies search

For what people do top companies really look? Which type of persons do top companies love to recruit? Regardless, if they are multinational players or small start-ups. Countless tales and legends surround these questions. Recently, when chatting with business school students at an alumni meeting of my alma mater I was asked how best to enter a leading and admired ... Read More »

Managing two people who hate each other

Managing people is never easy, but when the animosity between two of your direct reports escalates to the level of hatred, how do you minimize the drama and keep your team on track? Before you call for a professional mediator, remember that this is a fundamental part of your job as a manager. If you can get to the root ... Read More »

The Biggest Mistakes I See on Resumes, and How to Correct Them

I’ve sent out hundreds of resumes over my career, applying for just about every kind of job. I’ve personally reviewed more than 20,000 resumes. And at Google we sometimes get more than 50,000 resumes in a single week. I have seen A LOT of resumes. Some are brilliant, most are just ok, many are disasters. The toughest part is that ... Read More »