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A bit on the side: 5 benefits of Moonlighting

Once upon a time, moonlighting was usually done by those who were trying supplement their main income (the phrase “moonlighting” comes from the time when people worked these second jobs at night), but more and more people who take on a second job don’t just do it for extra cash. They’re using it build additional skills, give back to their ... Read More »

10 irritating behaviours that will ruin your career

Talent, skill, education, experience — all are important. But since no one does anything worthwhile on their own, treating other people with courtesy and respect is a key ingredient in long-term professional success. Read More »

A 5-Step Action Plan to Upgrade Your Life

When I told them the “shift” is 75 percent mental and only 25 percent meal, some were disappointed. What, no diet? Obviously, to lose weight you need to eat less, but to keep it off I learned I had to change my relationship with food. Read More »

7 reasons your LinkedIn profile is a hot mess

In the age of personal brand marketing, it’s just not okay to let your LinkedIn profile sit collecting Internet dust until you’re ready to look for your next job. If your profile isn’t current, or if it communicates indifference, not only are you likely missing career-transforming opportunities, but you could also be giving people the wrong impression. Most important for ... Read More »

These Are the Skills You Need if You Want to Be Headhunted

If you’re marching into the new year ready to ace job interviews by boasting about the half-dozen startups you launched in school, reconsider your game plan. For all the career advice about the importance of entrepreneurial thinking and being a global citizen, data show that recruiters don’t necessarily value cosmopolitan self-starters or even people with lots of industry credentials. What ... Read More »

Digital Remarketing: What It Is and How to Use It

Thanks to highly sophisticated click-tracking tools and customer data, businesses of all sizes now have access to unprecedented insights into consumer behavior. Remarketing, the specific ad targeting of consumers who have previously visited a business’s website, is one powerful way these insights are being used in brands’ digital marketing strategies. Read More »

Simple tips to make Facebook work for your business

Unless you have been stranded on a deserted island for the past few years, you would know that Facebook is like the “Godfather” of social media, with Australians interacting with the platform more than any other site on the Internet. If your business isn’t on Facebook yet, you really are missing out. Read More »

What the CEO of 2040 will look like

With women comprising 60% of U.S. college students and 40% of MBA students, women will represent around 30% of the top 2,500 CEOs around the world in a quarter century, according to a recent report by Strategy&. Read More »

A Simple Way to Measure How Much Customers Love Your Brand

How do you measure love? Beyond the supermarket magazine or social media “quiz” that we’ve probably all taken, you really can’t. It’s a feeling. You just know. But when thinking about a brand’s relationship with consumers, the marketer in me needs something more concrete. I need to know how many of my consumers are in love with my brand and ... Read More »