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The Secrets to a Great Slogan: Creativity and Clarity

While slogans can help build brand awareness and likability, they don’t always resonate with consumers. In order to create a slogan that consumers like, businesses need to focus on three key elements, according to a new study in the Journal of Business Research. The research shows that out of 14 possible characteristics of slogans, only three matter for likability: creativity ... Read More »

One trick to make busy people open their email

Want more people to open your emails? You’ll need to write the perfect subject line. “There is no doubt that the email subject line is the first impression to be taken into account, and whether a person will proceed to open the email or not depends a lot upon subject line,” writes Madhu Gulati, president of marketing agency ShowMeLeads, in ... Read More »

How an MBA Could Have Saved Snapchat’s Founder From Himself

The entrepreneurs behind the startups mentioned above have something in common besides fabulous wealth: Not one has an MBA. Headlines might give you the impression that entrepreneurs don’t need the degree to be successful. News of startups bought for billions, or at least hundreds of millions, seems to come in as fast as you can tweet it. Sometimes, even faced ... Read More »

10 Tips for New Managers – Must dos for first-time bosses

Who says 20- and early 30-somethings can’t be effective leaders in the workplace? With the right training and guidance, millennials can lead as well as managers wiser in both years and experience. Here are 10 tips for first-time managers who want to excel: 1. Seek a mentor. It’s generally easier to take on a managerial role with a sound support ... Read More »

Mismanagement 101: How to be a Bad Boss in 33 Steps

Bosses are like sushi – or opera; they either win your heart and mind from the very beginning, or or they can scar you for life. You may eventually learn to tolerate them, but they will never be a part of the fond fables you tell your colleagues, friends, family and grandchildren. Good bosses, on the other hand, can make ... Read More »

Entrepreneur Test: Do You Have What It Takes?

It was 9 p.m. Friday in the middle of summer. The weather was perfect. My friends were out on the town, having fun and taking pictures they’ll have to explain in future job interviews. I was holed up in my tiny apartment typing away. Why? Because I was becoming an entrepreneur. Ask anyone what it takes to be an entrepreneur, and ... Read More »

Win at Workplace Conflict

No matter how sound or well-intentioned your ideas, there will always be people inside — and outside — your organization who are going to oppose you. Getting things done often means that you’re going to go head to head with people who have competing agendas. In my career studying organizational behavior, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing some incredibly effective conflict management ... Read More »

5 Ways People Hurt Their Credibility Without Even Realizing It

Your unconscious mind sends a series of messages that you may not be aware of, which others can easily pick up. “People read each other’s intent as soon as they see each other,” says Nick Morgan, speech coach and author of new book “Power Cues: The Subtle Science of Leading Groups, Persuading Others, and Maximizing Your Personal Impact.” “We’re hardwired ... Read More »

Collective Genius

Google’s astonishing success in its first decade now seems to have been almost inevitable. But step inside its systems infrastructure group, and you quickly learn otherwise. The company’s meteoric growth depended in large part on its ability to innovate and scale up its infrastructure at an unprecedented pace. Bill Coughran, as a senior vice president of engineering, led the group ... Read More »

The Secret To Unleashing Genius

Amazon isn’t an easy place to work. Its managers set steep goals, scrimp on budgets and expect long hours. But there aren’t many better places to be employed if you like the messy work of coming up with new ideas, because its billionaire founder, Jeff Bezos, has made that a priority for everyone and in so doing has avoided the ... Read More »