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Finance for the non-financial Executive

This course covers the basic principles of accounting and costing, while setting the scene for the understanding of financial statements and investment, and identifying related problems. As a result, participants will be better equipped for decision making.


  • An overview of financial principles
  • The balance sheet
  • Interpretation of accounts
  • Financial ratios
  • A good return
  • Cost to volume
  • Profit and loss accounts
  • Types of budgets
  • Financial jargon
  • Director’s responsibility in respect to the financial statements
  • Audits and auditors Investment decisions

Recommended Background

This course suits all non-finance managers, middle managers and executives who need to improve their financial and accounting skills to take decisions and to keep themselves informed.

Course Format

The course will contain practical examples and discussions.

Courses will be planned for 2019.

Watch this space.

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Finance for the Non-Financial Executive

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