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Market(ing) Effects of Innovation

Lorenzo Mule Stagno

Considering that change happens, whether we like it or not, there is a strong argument for doing our bit to either prepare for it, or more proactively, to try to shape the change by becoming innovators. Innovations, however, can be of different types and levels, affecting the market in different ways. The strategic marketing decisions that an organisation takes when ... Read More »

Achieving Success Through Self Motivation

Self-motivation plays a critical role in making things happen through the development of one’s own internal locus on control. It is said that all motivation is self-motivation. Joseph T. Straub defines self-motivation as the “innate capability to summon without outside influence the willpower to tackle assignments and do them to the best of your ability”. Indeed your family, your boss, ... Read More »

The Online Facilitator

Lorenzo Mule Stagno

A critical evaluation of the facilitator in an e-learning environment  Part of the difficulty in establishing this arises from the inadequacy of the traditional sage-on-the-stage paradigm mostly used in face-to-face (F2F) interactions in educational institutions when transposing them to the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Such a paradigm shift could be hindered through the expected resistance by stakeholders encountered in any ... Read More »

Digital agenda by and for citizens

Is Europe’s crisis a denial of the European model? I would argue it is not the case. The crisis must be an incentive for Europe to modernise its model and adjust it to a globalised and competitive multipolar scenario, without renouncing its welfare state. To achieve this goal, in 2010 the European Commission launched the Europe 2020 Strategy, with the ... Read More »

The Performance Procedure for an Underperformer!

Building Broad Support: Consensus and buy-in The challenge for managers is what to do with under performers. Even seasoned managers can cringe at that thought of confronting their loyal staff with bad news. It can be so anxiety provoking that they procrastinate, deny, turn a blind eye, excuse, give in or give up. Unfortunately, poor performance doesn’t heal itself. Peak ... Read More »

Some Considerations for any Entrepreneur

Lorenzo Mule Stagno

We’ve all heard this before: Entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes. The thing is – cliché or not – it’s true. Fixed all-encompassing formulae just seem not to fit the bill. The best one can do is to try to discover behaviours and traits which appear to be, by and large, common to many successful entrepreneurs, and from there ... Read More »

Starting off on Knowledge Management – the practical way

This article focuses on the practical issues of implementing Knowledge Management (KM), mainly how an organisation that is completely new to KM might get started. I would like to start my article with two quotes from the past showing the ever importance of Knowledge Management: In 1940 H.G. Wells wrote “An immense and ever-increasing wealth of knowledge is scattered about ... Read More »

Great Impressions

For me it’s always about first impressions. I trust my instincts. I love to prepare if it’s something that requires training. But I don’t like to prepare the psychology too much. I enjoy the psychology of the character but I work better from a first impression.  Billy Zane Our entire lives we leave impressions, sometimes good, sometimes great… sometimes not ... Read More »

Designing for Competitiveness

This article discusses how effective product design can be employed in organisations to improve their competitiveness. One major focus of our discussion is on how standardisation can be used as a strategy to enhance competitiveness. Product design is the initial stage of the product life-cycle. Success of the product in the other stages of the life-cycle mainly depends on the ... Read More »