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5 Simple Ways to Improve your Digital Marketing Strategy

If your business does not have a digital presence, then you can assume that your marketing is in its purgatory state. The digital marketing arena is extremely volatile and chances are what you have learnt a couple of years ago might be almost irrelevant now Read More »

The Marketing Mix and Small Companies

Lorenzo Mule Stagno

One of the most important marketing tools or frameworks ever created is the marketing mix, also known as the 4Ps. More recently, since the growth of the service industry, it has been expanded into the 7Ps. Created manually in 1960 by E. Jerome McCarthy, this tool has provided companies all over the world with a simple-to-use, rock-solid tactical framework that ... Read More »

The Application of Virtue Ethics in Marketing – The Body Shop Case perspective

Introduction of Virtue Ethics Virtue ethics can offer an adequate ethical alternative for those practioners who are not happy with Kantianism or utilitarianism. Virtue theory knows its beginning to Aristotle (384BC) and unlike other normative theories it is not primarily concerned with action/behaviour but focuses primarily on virtues or the ethical character. In other words whilst other normative theories attempt ... Read More »

Business Intelligence – factors, features and flaws

Lorenzo Mule Stagno

My use of the term Business Intelligence encompasses not only computer-based decision support systems, but a compendium of information and knowledge that is required in business. I am therefore using the term in its most basic and literal form. The tech-oriented dominion of the term is understandable, if not misplaced, since it was conceived, and evolved, from an effort of ... Read More »

Monitoring Customer Satisfaction

The necessity to monitor and measure customer satisfaction comes from the fact that one of the key elements of organizational success is the customer’s satisfaction with the organization and its products.  The information obtained from monitoring and measuring customer satisfaction can help identify opportunities for improvement of the organization’s strategies, products, processes and characteristics that are valued by customers. Such ... Read More »

Bearing the Maltese (Marketing Industry) Cross

Lorenzo Mule Stagno

Some years ago I read a very good book on advertising. It was an eye-opener into an advertising world that many would kill or die for. It energised me into offering new (well, new for me, and possibly for most businesses I had come across in Malta) services that would, I thought, make the difference: both for my clients’ marketing ... Read More »

Market(ing) Effects of Innovation

Lorenzo Mule Stagno

Considering that change happens, whether we like it or not, there is a strong argument for doing our bit to either prepare for it, or more proactively, to try to shape the change by becoming innovators. Innovations, however, can be of different types and levels, affecting the market in different ways. The strategic marketing decisions that an organisation takes when ... Read More »