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Customer Care skills for Client-Facing teams

This course enables participants to identify and understand customers’ needs and exceed their expectations in different applicable scenarios, be it face to face, via email, or over the phone. Outline The importance of projecting a good first image Working with both internal and external customers Tools to improve communication skills Developing sound listening skills and building awareness Recommended Background This course is aimed ... Read More »

Customer Care Essentials

Keeping customers happy means doing things right and at the right time. This means knowing exactly what your customers need, want and expect. Every single contact between your organisation and the customer is important regardless of its length or context. Outline Putting the customer at the centre of your focus Different types of customers & customer relationships First image Communication ... Read More »

Strategic Digital Marketing

This course will equip participants with the essential knowledge and skills needed to plan, implement and monitor effective digital marketing campaigns by using the latest digital tools and social media platforms. The course is aimed at individuals who are already involved in marketing projects but who have limited experience in the use of digital platforms. Outline Assessing the current situation ... Read More »

HR Management

Participants become more aware of how members of their team work together and how they can lead their team in a more effective manner. Participants will become aware of various HR functions and be better able to lead as well as motivate their team. Outline Emergence of HR Strategic aspect of HR HR functions Dealing with people Some common legal ... Read More »

Finance for the non-financial Executive

This course covers the basic principles of accounting and costing, while setting the scene for the understanding of financial statements and investment, while identifying related problems. As a result, participants will be better equipped for decision making. Outline An overview of financial principles The balance sheet Interpretation of accounts Financial ratios A good return Cost to volume Profit and loss ... Read More »

Leadership Skills

This programme will challenge you to become a better leader. You shall achieve more awareness about who you are as a leader, and insights into what your strengths and areas for improvement are. Through interactive soul-searching discussions, activities and case studies you will be required to reflect and analyse your leadership skills. Outline What makes a good leader? Knowing yourself ... Read More »

Improving your Job Application

This course will enable participants to identify ways of improving their CV and job application letter and how to improve their professional self-promotion. Outline Improving your CV The covering letter Promoting yourself Recommended Background The course is ideal for anyone who is just starting off in their professional career, or for professionals looking at changing role or industry and who ... Read More »

Public Speaking and Presentation Techniques

Public speaking and presenting in front of audiences is one of the most feared situations for many. Yet it is considered a vital skill for career improvement. In this course participants will learn what their ideal public speaking style for maximum impact is, sharpen their planning skills, and thus improve their presentation abilities at the delivery stage. As a result, ... Read More »

Sales Techniques

Sales Techniques is a practical training programme that provides you with essential techniques and soft skills to become successful at influencing people. You will learn how to boost your power of persuasion and get an insight into the most effective behaviours that make people want to buy. Outline Preparing for a successful sale Different sales channels: Face-to-face vs telephone vs ... Read More »

Customer Care – Dealing with Difficult Clients

The Customer Care – Dealing with difficult clients course is aimed at people who already work in customer service or who would like to embark on a career in customer care. Outline Types of complainers and how to respond effectively A customer care complaint procedure What to do if your customer is about to explode! Why should you seek complaints? ... Read More »