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HR Management

This programme will focus on performance reviews, enhancing performance and dealing with challenging team members who do not deliver. As a participant, you will become more aware of potential reasons behind poor performance, which will enable you to become more effective at assisting your team reach their potential. Outline Performance reviews Managing poor performers The purpose and effectiveness of performance ... Read More »

Communication Skills

Developing your communication skills will give you a boost in your personal and professional life. The ability to communicate is vital and helps you to avoid misunderstandings, build your social network, and upgrade your career. Outline Building confidence in your own abilities The art of pleasant conversation Starting and closing conversations Summarizing key points Selecting the appropriate language according to ... Read More »

Giving and Receiving Feedback

In many daily situations, it is normal to have different points of view that if not expressed clearly, could result in misunderstandings or arguments. The importance of giving and receiving feedback properly is a crucial skill not only for managers but for all employees at the workplace, irrespective of whether they are dealing with external clients or fellow colleagues. This ... Read More »

Reducing and Preventing Stress

This programme focuses on you and aims to provide you with a practices and techniques that you can apply in your daily life that will contribute towards a reduced stress which in turn means a healthier and happier lifestyle. Outline Common stress symptoms Helpful and harmful stress Identifying the different causes of stress/li> Review and reflect on your lifestyle/li> Different ... Read More »

Managing your Work-life Balance

This programme will focus on you and your personal and professional situation. Through reflective activities and discussions, you will look at your current work-life balance, identify areas for improvement, and look at ways that you can manage the demands on yourself in realistic and practical ways for a better quality of life. Outline A close look at your current work-life ... Read More »

Professional English

Professionals who work in sales, marketing, administration or customer service will find this course useful. It enables professionals to improve their written English skills through professional correspondence which is clear and effective, while also improving accuracy during conversations in the English language. Outline Genres of business writing Planning your correspondence Register – formal and informal language Setting the tone – ... Read More »

Finance Made Easy

This course covers the basic principles of accounting and costing, while setting the scene for the understanding of financial statements and investment, while identifying related problems. As a result, participants will be better equipped for decision making. Outline An overview of financial principles The balance sheet Interpretation of accounts Financial ratios A good return Cost to volume Profit and loss ... Read More »

Negotiation Skills

Skilled negotiators get more for their side and manage to provide the other side with the best deal as well. Whether you are negotiating salary conditions, a supply contract, buying a home or a car, or even discussing where to go for dinner, you are frequently negotiating. Learn the skills of getting a larger share of a bigger pie, and ... Read More »

Effective Time Management

To get the most out of life and reduce stress, you need to manage your time effectively. Our hands-on course will help you look critically at your day and identify where your time is going. When you manage your time, you become more effective and efficient both at work and at home. Outline Time management principles Understanding the real value ... Read More »