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ATHE Level 5 Diploma in Accounting

The ATHE Level 5 Diploma in Accounting offered by Malta Business School has been designed to develop the understanding and skills of the regulatory requirements for accountancy and how these frameworks are applied in the workplace. When completing this qualification you will have a full understanding of what is to be expected from a professional accountant at work and will be able to produce and interpret a full range of financial information and accounts. This qualification is ideal if you are interested in managing the accounting function of small and medium sized enterprises. This 10-month programme is specifically designed to help you achieve a quality qualification in a relatively short period of time and get immediate results in your career.

Furthermore, this accounting qualification programme is structured in a way that will give you immediate practical application of the theory into practice while working. While academic theory is important, we ensure that you will be gaining hands-on skills which are transferable and applicable to your working environment. Consisting of two core Units of fundamental accounting knowledge, the programme facilitates the development of key accounting skills and financial knowledge development.


Our tutors have excellent experience within their field of expertise as well as the necessary academic background. You will receive highquality face-to-face presentations delivered in a participative environment. You will be engaged in discussions, activities, case studies, presentations and group work creating a bond between you and other students that forges friendships and a new network of professionals.


There are no exams within this programme. The method of assessment to attain the qualification is based on writing assignments which are based on practical situations and a real working environment. You will be guided on how to write assignments, how to carry out analysis and how to identify recommendations that influence and implement positive change at the workplace. The assignment brief is available to you from very early on in your studies. In this way, you can organise and plan your study time accordingly week by week. You are also given the opportunity to get personalised feedback prior to submitting your final assignment.

Classes/ Mode of Study

You would need to attend classes in the evening during each 5-month semester period. The classic study route for students is twice weekly classes over a period of two semesters (10 months) typically from 5.30pm till 7.30pm.


Malta Business School’s programmes are aimed for adult learners with work experience. Proficiency in the English language is necessary for following this programme. You must also have an appropriate standard of Mathematics to enable you to achieve this qualification.

Information about the units

For successful completion of the Diploma in Accounting you will follow 2 Units which consist of 60 credits.

Learning Outcomes

Unit 1 – Financial Reporting
In this unit you will develop a sound understanding of the techniques of double entry accounting and can apply its principles in recording transactions, adjusting financial records and preparing non-complex financial statements. On completion of the unit, you will also be proficient in the use of double entry accounting techniques and the maintenance of accounting records. You would have also developed the ability to identify and correct omissions and errors in accounting records and financial statements. You will be able to specify the components of financial statements and prepare and review non-complex accounts for a range of different business structures including sole traders, partnerships and limited companies.

  • Be able to prepare financial statements for sole traders and partnerships
  • Be able to prepare company financial statements
  • Be able to interpret financial statements and make justified recommendations

Unit 2 – Financial Management
In this unit you will develop the financial management skills for those who manage or seek to manage the performance, risk and financial decision-making needs of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and small and medium practices (SMPs).
This unit will give you an understanding, application and analysis of the funding and management of capital within an organisation. In particular it will focus on the management and evaluation of investment appraisal decisions. Organisational performance and recommendations for its improvement and growth will also be analysed. You will be able to apply investment appraisal techniques to investment decisions and make recommendations. You will also be able to use valuation models and cost of capital models to determine the value of an organisation and its capital structure cost and how to manage foreign exchange risk, credit and gearing. You will be able to apply techniques to evaluate and make recommendations for the management of performance, resources, capital structure and risk.

  • Be able to apply investment appraisal methods
  • Be able to advise on managing financial risks
  • Understand the management of long-term finance

Progression Opportunities

The Diploma in Accounting is a Level 5 Qualification. It is UK-Accredited programme awarded by Malta Business School and ATHE (Awards for Training and Higher Education). Upon successful completion of the programme, you will have the opportunity to follow progression routes to further pursue your studies.

General information regarding the programme

  • Qualification – Ofqual and NCFHE recognition as a Level 5 qualification on both the MQF and EQF.
  • Accreditation – By ATHE, UK and MBS, Malta
  • Credits – 60 UK Credits covered over two modules
  • Method of Assessment – Assignment-based
  • Date – To be announced
  • Classes – Typically two evenings per week
  • Type – A mix of workshops/classes and tutorials
  • Duration – 10 months
  • Funding – available

Terms & Conditions apply, talk to us for further details on this programme.

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ATHE Level 5 Diploma in Accounting
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